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Our Story

Everyone wants to live a healthy life, but there is no clear-cut path to get there, as we've learned over the years.

That’s where Itchy Paws comes in.

We offer Intolerance and sensitivity testing, along with nutrition and elimination advice which can greatly improve you and your pet's health and wellbeing. We also have a great range of natural supplements for animals and much more in the pipeline.

Founded by Hana-Amirah. After years of struggling with her own health issues and those of her four-legged furry companions. Hana has spent years researching and educating herself on alternative and complimentary medicine and therapy when conventional options were unfruitful. 

She has gained diplomas and qualifications in; Pet Nutrition, Intolerance & Allergy Awareness, Food Allergen Awareness, Naturopathy, Nutrition & Hydration, Herbal Health and is currently studying for a foundation in Bioresonance for practitioners. 

Most of Hana’s research has resulted from the 'trial and error' method within her own family setting. Learning about what intolerances they have and trying different approaches and supplements to improve their health and wellbeing. 

As a result of this, she has built a great relationships with a large network of professionals, in the medical and holistic fields, helping her along her journey to good health and into business. 

There are many more products and therapy options coming soon !

Watch This Space!!

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